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We’re completely unbiased, and our advisers search thousands of deals to find one that’s right for you. We’ll also let you know if you could get a better rate by going direct to a lender rather than using our service.

First Time Buyers

Understand the choices available to you and get it right the first time.


We will search more than 1,000 deals and we will let you know if you could save money by going directly with a different lender

Moving Home

Our mortgages advisors will make your move less stressf ensuring that we are with you every step of the way.

Buy To Let

We will find the best buy to let deal for you


Whatever life may bring for to you and your family, we can help you protect what matters most to you.
What kinds of financial protection are available?


Protect yourself and your family against the financial impact of a loss.

Critical Illness Care

Be prepared if life throws something that is unexpected your way.

Income Protection

Ensure that you can maintain your commitment when your salary stops due to sickness.

Private Health Care

Cut through waiting lists and ensure your family gets the medical attention it needs when they need it.


We introduce you to solicitors who have proven themselves, time after time, to deliver a high level of service, whilst remaining competitive.

Buying And Selling

Competitive and productive assistance.


We will search more than 1,000 deals and we will let you know if you could save money by going directly with a different lender

Lease Conversions

Here at Finance South west we can assist with lease converstions.

Customer Zone

Our customer zone is there to allow our clients to upload documents securely. view videos and info on our different products and download documentation.

Exclusive Videos and Information

Our personal videos and written information will give an indept description of what products and options are available.

Secure Document Upload

If you chose to use Finance South West we can handle the entire process digitally, so there is no need to spend time waiting for and posting documents making your house buying experience quicker.

Messaging Service

We can be on the end of a priority message at any time.

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We have appointments available both during the day and on an evening as we are aware that you have to work too. Providing a friendly and professional service
we will provide you with the best advice for your personal circumstances to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

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